lásticos Viters S.A. has been devoted to the extrusion of plastic profiles and tubes for more than 60 years. This experience is coupled with a desire to innovate and a firm commitment to modern and capable production machinery. This undoubtedly makes Plásticos Viters S.A. one of the extrusion companies most capable of undertaking projects tailored to clients” needs. Indeed, we currently manufacture more than 1,250 different products. Our quality system is certified by the ISO 9001 standard by AENOR and is one of the pillars of our company strategy. With the invaluable help of our clients, we are the leading producers of some applications for the construction and renovation industry and the products we manufacture can be used in a wide variety of sectors and countries. At the end of the 1990s, our R&D department created Plasticwood®: a material made of PVC with plant fibre. This peculiar combination resulted in a product with excellent properties, a natural finish, strong resistance to weather conditions and a long lifecycle. Plasticwood® makes it possible to manufacture a wide range of products. One of our company”s most successful to date is the outdoor decking we call Tarimatec®.

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