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Fachadas Ventiladas de La Mancha S.L. is a company founded following the development of the Ventilated Façade Systems FAVEMANC, by its mother company Gres de La Mancha SL, leader and pioneer in Spain, producing ceramic plates for the construction industry. Backed by the experience of several generations developing constructive applications in Extruded Clinker Clay, Favemanc offers a comprehensive solution in Ventilated Façade Systems to the building sector. This service ranges from consultancy and project planning through to the finished installation, which is performed by a qualified team of professionals who specialise in mounting Favemanc Ventilated Façade Systems for new construction and building refurbishments alike. By carefully selecting the best combination of natural clays from the large selection available to us, we produce high-quality raw materials, allowing our firing cycles to reach the highest possible temperatures. Our manufacturing process is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. That, combined with rigorous quality controls, allows us to produce a highly resilient and durable extruded-clay clinker. We are continually investing in R&D to develop new products for use in the construction of residences and buildings. As a result we have obtained and maintained throughout the years the corresponding quality certificates AENOR, IQNET for the Extruded Clinker Clay products as well as the Certificado de Ideonidad Tecnica (DIT) and Avis Technique from the CSTB institue ( France) after undergoing rigorous test specifically applied to FAVEMANC Ventilated Façade Systems.

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