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Gresmanc Group, manufacturer of antibacterial extruded stoneware, an international benchmark thanks to its quality and its wide range of special pieces.

The added value of extruded clinker has allowed us to create different construction solutions for high-resistance flooring and cladding for high-traffic environments, public and private swimming pools and for ventilated facades.

In our desire to offer our clients the best benefits, we have developed Active Plus, which provides antibacterial and antiviral properties to our ceramic pieces, making them ideal for public spaces where hygienic and sanitary care are essential: hotels, swimming pools, hospitals, industries …

Exclusive ventilated façade systems with extruded stoneware honeycomb plates for new construction or renovation. Endorsed by DIT, our systems have hidden fixing and have a large number of formats and inkjet finishes. Easy cleaning and maintenance.

What is Ventilated Facade?

Favemanc’s ceramic ventilated façade consists of a constructive solution for the building envelope where the air chamber is open and allows air flow inside. This is known as the “chimney effect” and the result is an increase in thermal and acoustic insulation inside the building.



Energy efficiency. The ventilated façade construction solution optimizes and reduces energy consumption, since a large part of thermal bridges are eliminated so that in certain situations energy savings of more than 30% can be achieved.


Technical Consultancy

Our ceramic ventilated façade systems have exceptional technical and aesthetic characteristics, which is why we have a specialized technical team that offers a comprehensive service. We put ourselves at the forefront of each project so that the execution is impeccable, developing concrete solutions according to the demands of each work, thus guaranteeing the correct installation and maximum use of the benefits provided by Favemanc products.


Active Plus

Gresmanc Group has developed Active Plus Natural and Active Plus Sun to give its ceramic pieces the bactericidal, self-cleaning and decontaminating properties; This supposes a jump in the impact of the materials of the environment in your day to day.


The Favemanc ceramic ventilated façade represents an innovative mounting system, based on extruded stoneware plates in various formats and finishes that are backed by the quality and experience of the Gresmanc Group. The design of the ceramic plates has an internal chamber that strengthens them, increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.

The mounting systems for the ceramic ventilated façade are simple, with hidden fastening and without the need to make incisions in the plate, which provides optimal fixing. The Favemanc ceramic ventilated facade can be combined with various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass or wood, among others.

Ceramic ventilated façade systems offer the opportunity to provide the building with the desired aesthetics and a unique personality thanks to the wide range of colors, finishes, volumes, special pieces and its different installation systems. All this allows our product to meet the aesthetic and technical needs of each project, whether ordinary or singular.

Ventilated facade systems

We develop different systems that offer specific solutions, so our clients can choose the best support to carry out both ordinary and singular projects.




XC 16


XD 22


Smooth Glazed


Design Glazed